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Welcome to the Art Submissions Page for 
"Virtuoso at Masturbation, and More McHughmorous Musings."

Due to the positive response from my fans to my #DeepThoughtsys on Facebook, I decided to publish a collection. This collection will contain those musings, but it will also contain related writing prompts for fiction, poetry, and more! The book will also have accompanying illustrations, some of which I will provide. 

However, since this book was inspired by my fans, I want my fans to be a part of it.
Oh, and don't let that pesky inability to draw hold you back. I want to see it all!

I want your black and white illustrations for "Virtuoso at Masturbation." To receive a list of DeepThoughtsys that need illustrations, email me at JessicaMcHughink@live.com with the subject "Virtuoso Art Submission." I will email you the list, from which you may pick up to 3. Please, no more than 3 illustrations. (768x1024 pixel resolution/160 dpi)

I wish I could pay you for your artwork, but at this time, it's not possible. You will get a credit in the book, but there will be no monetary payment. Also, your artwork may be used in book promotion. If your illustration is chosen, you will need to sign a basic contract saying you agree to this. 

Submissions will be open until June 1st 2013.
All responses will be emailed by June 10th.

Be silly. Be strange. Be McHughmorous.