A Barbaric Yawp

the ever expanding McHughniverse

"Writing doesn't make me who I am.
It just makes me have to drone on and on about myself at parties."

Jessica McHugh is a novelist and internationally produced playwright running amok in the fields of horror, sci-fi, young adult, and wherever else her peculiar mind leads. She's had twenty-three books published in ten years, including her bizarro romp, "The Green Kangaroos," her Post Mortem Press bestseller, "Rabbits in the Garden," and her YA series, "The Darla Decker Diaries."

(yep that's the official bio)

Now here's the real skinny:

Born in 1982 and raised in Hampstead, MD, Jessica Brianne McHugh is the youngest of three children. Influenced by two brothers, she grew to love not only things silly and obscene but playful violence as well. Many years were spent in the pursuit of athletic success, winning many trophies and awards for her talents in soccer. But when the girliness started seeping in, she began simultaneously pursuing ballet, tap, jazz, and private dance troupes. The acting bug hit early as well and Jessica joined the prestigious FoolProof acting troupe of Carroll County as well as appeared in several plays including Little Shop of Horrors, the Sound of Music, Love's Labours Lost, and Into the Woods. She was also a member of the award-winning North Carroll Ensemble show choir and performed at places like Hershey Park and Carnagie Hall. Always an amateur writer, she really began dedicating herself to writing after High School, penning the beginning of her fantasy series "Tales of Dominhydor" at 19 years old. Although the first book "Maladrid" took several years to complete, the sequels "Yven" and "Palaplia" quickly followed along with the a great deal of other stories not related to the Dominhydor series.

Until April 2013, Jessica worked as a Manufacturing Technician in Frederick, MD. She now lives with her amazingly supportive husband, Dave, and works as a tour guide for Taste Frederick Food Tours, a creative writing instructor and after school science instructor, and she's a Game Master at Clue IQ escape room experience in Downtown Frederick. 

"When it comes to writing, I have a forward-thinking mind and gimme-gimme heart. The combination results in a lot of stress and simultaneous projects that make me want to kick my own ass. And I do--with more projects. I think you have to be a bit sadomasochistic to get your stories down before reality eats them up."