A Barbaric Yawp

the ever expanding McHughniverse


Mowed (Every Day Fiction, May 2013) http://www.everydayfiction.com/mowed-by-jessica-mchugh/

Sheath (MicroHorror, August 2012) http://www.microhorror.com/microhorror/author/jessica-mchugh/sheath/

Cookie Monster (MicroHorror, July 2012)http://www.microhorror.com/microhorror/author/jessica-mchugh/cookie-monster

Deleted (Short, Fast, and Deadly, March 2012)

Beer-Basted (Cruentus Libri 100 Horrors, February 2012)

Blindsided (Short, Fast, and Deadly, June 5 2011)

Cry Out (Short, Fast, and Deadly, February 2011)

In Lieu of Flowers, Send First Aid (52 | 250, March 11th 2011) (Purple Poetry Book, Sept 2011)

Make Mine a Double (Short, Fast, and Deadly, March 13 2011)

Division (52 | 250, March 18th 2011)


Resuscitation (Ethereal Tales, May 2011)  a girl with an oppressive breathing malady is kissed by the angel Suriel and discovers the truth behind every gasping breath she ever took.

The Last Circus (Literary Lunes, April 2011)

My Caroline, My Love (Abandoned Towers Magazine, November 2010) a woman dreams about her ideal life with her husband.

Maternal Instincts (Sex & Murder Magazine, 2010)

Gather Ye Rosebuds (Paradigm Shift: New Paradigm, September 2010)

Under the Slide (Sex & Murder Magazine, 2010) a preternatural detective visits a town in which children obsessed with teen vampire fiction are being killed.

Begging for Relief (Paradigm Shift: New Paradigm, June 2010)



The Greatest Compliment (Plum Tree Books, April 2012)

If I Had a Unicorn (Red Fez, May 2011)

Kingdom (Literary Lunes, April 2011)

In the Land of Cannabistopia (Red Fez, March 2011)

The Ballsy Castrato (Cease, Cows, July 2013)