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Advance Praise for PINS

"Fans of horror, pulp, hard crime, depictions of very beautiful young women, hot dialogue and fast, pulpy tales won’t be disappointed."

"PINS works equally as a coming of age finding your way novel and as a horror. Yes it is that good."

"McHugh wonderfully balances good writing with humor and an easy-to-read rhythm that keeps her audience turning digital pages until the sun is up."

"Jessica McHugh scores big marks for innovation."

"[McHugh] not only engages, but immerses, the reader. I could smell the changing rooms, feel the frustration (and the secret joy), hear the friendships develop, sense the tension, see the sparkly thongs cast aside, taste the weariness and feast on the louche, exquisite fallen beauty of the dancers."

"‘PINS’ is a great novel, well written, well paced and absorbing. The writing is very visual and descriptive leaving no confusion as to what is happening…. I could almost smell the blood at times! I loved Birdie’s voice, her sarcasm and humour made her character real and I would highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a gritty read."

"McHugh’s witty scene-building allowed no room for clichés. Each bit of scenery or how a character looked was given its own unique spin, which made the novel enjoyable as more than just eye candy. I found myself bursting into laughter at three in the morning over the way Birdie described something."

Telemarketing is a drag, and serving jobs are exhausting. Luckily, strip clubs are always looking for new blood.

Eva "Birdie" Finch is fed up with the slim pickings in local employment, and the gentlemen's club/bowling alley called Pins seems to be the only option left. But learning how to strip for strangers isn't Birdie's only obstacle, especially when fellow dancers start turning up dead. 

From Jessica McHugh, author of the steampunk adventure "The Sky: The World" and the bestselling psychological thriller "Rabbits in the Garden," "PINS" is a post-modern coming of age thriller certain to titillate as much as terrify with a candid look at a dancer trying to find herself on a blood-drenched stage.

Coming from Post Mortem Press in October 2012