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The Tales of Dominhydor

Dominhydorian Pronunciation Guide

Before a common language of Dominhydor was created by the Inha Nomil, there was the 'Speech of Yaliwe'. Although the 'Speech of Nomil' is more frequently used, the 'Tongue of Yaliwe' or 'Dominhydorian' is still considered a blessed form of communication.

A: When beginning a word, the letter "a" is pronounced as in the English act. Otherwise, it is pronounced ah as in ball.

E: When ending a word or singularly representing the Dominhydorian word for the, "e" is pronounced ey as in the English they. When starting a word, it is the short form of "e" pronounced eh as in ebb.

I: The letter "i" is always pronounced as ee.

O: When occurring anywhere except the beginning of a word, "o" is pronounced oo as in the English boot. Otherwise it is the long form of "o" as in old.

Y: When beginning a word, the letter "y" has two different pronunciations depending on the subsequent letter. When preceding a vowel, "y" is pronounced ya as in yard. When preceding a consonant, it is pronounced ee. The name Yven would be spoken as EE-ven.

Y: When not beginning a word, "y" is pronounced like a short "i" as in bid.

C, CH: Both "c" and "ch" are pronounced like a "k" as in scam or school. However, when a "ch" is used, the "k" sound does not carry to the following syllable. The Dominhydorian Lochra would be spoken as LOOK-rah rather than LOO-krah.

NH: The "nh" is pronounced as a blended nth sound. Like the English word menthol, the Dominhydorian Inha would be pronounced as EENTH-ah.